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How it All Began

In 1969, a trio of visionaries collaborated to form a club that would expose economically disadvantaged youth in the St. Louis region to organized sports – namely track and field and cross country. Those three visionaries, Roma Poole, Robert Penny, and Rich Heber, wanted to put their stamp on St. Louis.

Mr. Heber ran an all-girls club, formerly known as the Comets, which consisted of 12 strong and proud athletes.  Mr. Heber decided to team up with Mr. Poole and Mr. Penny and together the trio formed the Blues Track Club of Greater St Louis. Their first task was to recruit male athletes.

Over the past 5 decades, the Blues, as the club is affectionately known today, has grown from a humble 12 to over 200 athletes! In 1982 only one Blues athlete qualified for the National Junior Olympics. Now, we average upwards of 100 athletes who qualify each year for the AAU National Junior Olympics.


We measure our success by the number of Blues athletes attending college on academic and/or athletic scholarships.  Approximately 70% of Blues athletes receive college scholarships.  We continue to strive for 100% every year.


We understand that hard work and dedication pays off, both on and off the track and field.  We drive our spikes into the ground when the starter pistol sounds. We keep our form in check when we are called on deck.


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